Silvia Bächli, Eric Hattan: What about Sunday?
published on the occasion of the artists’ exhibition at Milton Keynes Gallery, UK

14.5 × 19.5 cm • 96 pp • thread sewn, 3 different covers, randomly bound with 3 different postcards • publisher: Mark Pezinger Verlag

The images taken for this book derived from artists’ walk around Milton Keynes. The city is a so called New Town in the UK and was built in the 1960s on a grid system for men with cars.

The zoom-ins, wide angles but also short breaks in form of a blank spread were arranged as an entire sequence within in the book.

I was asked was to supervise the book typographically. Inspired by the Homo technologicus I proposed the typeface Transport which is in use for the road signs in the UK since the early 60s.

Like its functional application on the road I used two different type sizes in a single weight without any emphasis in order to provide a stage for the texts from 16 different writers, ranging from poetry and art history to urbanism and beyond.